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34th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference: trip report and reflections on the innovation processes of smaller German CAE software companies and on remote visualization

Grim Gjønnes, Head of Sales & Marketing, Ceetron AS. I am just back from CADFEM’s 34th Fachkonferenz zur numerischen Simulation in der Produktentwicklung.  The event took place in Nürnberg during October 5-7, 2016.  It was a wonderful event for any engineer with interest in FEA, CFD, or DEM: 700-800 CAE professionals in dark [...]

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Xamarin for the CAE community, some reflections based on a PoC for a port of Ceetron 3D Components to Xamarin

By Frode Brandt, Senior Software Engineer at Ceetron AS On February 24 2016, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Xamarin, a development environment for mobile devices using C# with native user interfaces and shared code across multiple platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Apps.  Then on March 31 2016, and at its Build Conference in [...]

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Security architectures for cloud-based CAE and SPDM offerings, an interview with Ceetron’s CTO Fredrik Viken

Fredrik Viken. CTO Ceetron The benefits of CAE in the cloud appear clear (see the blog post https://blog.ceetron.com/2015/12/14/cae-in-the-cloud/  for an overview, from a Ceetron perspective). Ceetron is committed to a strategy of making 3D visualization in the cloud as efficient and immersive as it is on any desktop. Major CAE tool vendors like [...]

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The future of reporting CFD and FEA simulation results in engineering organizations, a perspective from the trenches

Tor Helge Hansen, CEO of Ceetron Some days ago, we released Ceetron Report Component (CRC), a tool for ISVs who create end user software for the CAE community. CRC’s goal is simple; it lets end users create engineering reports directly in the formats of MS Word or MS PowerPoint. But the need for [...]

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