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Let the road trip begin. Ceetron’s trade fair trail this autumn

It’s back-to-school time for kids and at Ceetron, it’s back-to-trade-shows time! We will be present at four very different events this autumn, displaying our state-of-the-art Cloud visualization technology and our awesome (yes, awesome) VR-enabled Ceetron 3D Viewer for Oculus Rift. Whether you are a developer for the CAE community or a CAE engineer, we [...]

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The diffusion of 3D visualization technologies from the field of CAE to the medical field—key technology drivers as seen by a provider of 3D visualization software for CAE

Grim Gjønnes, Head of Sales & Marketing, Ceetron AS. Back when studying engineering at university around 30 years ago, I, like many engineering students, had big dreams about solving key societal problems with brilliant technological inventions.  Like many engineering students I was hit hard by reality when I started to work in large [...]

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34th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference: trip report and reflections on the innovation processes of smaller German CAE software companies and on remote visualization

Grim Gjønnes, Head of Sales & Marketing, Ceetron AS. I am just back from CADFEM’s 34th Fachkonferenz zur numerischen Simulation in der Produktentwicklung.  The event took place in Nürnberg during October 5-7, 2016.  It was a wonderful event for any engineer with interest in FEA, CFD, or DEM: 700-800 CAE professionals in dark [...]

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Interview with Ceetron CTO Fredrik Viken about Ceetron’s upcoming release of their SDK for 3D visualization for cloud-based CAE applications

By Grim Gjønnes*, Crisp Ideas AS The cloudification of CAE applications is picking up speed. Established vendors like ANSYS, Autodesk and Dassault Systèmes Simulia, as well as newcomers such as Onshape, SimSolid and FIDESYS have recently announced new cloud-based offerings, or cloud-based extensions of their existing offerings. Last year Ceetron, the market leader in 3D [...]

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Xamarin for the CAE community, some reflections based on a PoC for a port of Ceetron 3D Components to Xamarin

By Frode Brandt, Senior Software Engineer at Ceetron AS On February 24 2016, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Xamarin, a development environment for mobile devices using C# with native user interfaces and shared code across multiple platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Apps.  Then on March 31 2016, and at its Build Conference in [...]

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