About Andres Rodriguez-Villa

I joined Ceetron as senior software developer two years ago. I hold an M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from UCL (Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium), and a Ph.D. in Material Science from the Ecole des Mines de Paris (Sophia Antipolis. France). I spent most of my career in a world-leading editor in material forming simulation (forging, casting, injection molding, …) where I held various positions from solver developer to GUI developer to software engineering director. I currently operate from Ceetron’s Sophia Antipolis office and am a natural contact for our French customers and prospects.

Let the road trip begin. Ceetron’s trade fair trail this autumn

It’s back-to-school time for kids and at Ceetron, it’s back-to-trade-shows time! We will be present at four very different events this autumn, displaying our state-of-the-art Cloud visualization technology and our awesome (yes, awesome) VR-enabled Ceetron 3D Viewer for Oculus Rift. Whether you are a developer for the CAE community or a CAE engineer, we [...]

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Python and the CAE engineer: made for each other… of course!

In May 2016, Ceetron released 3D Components with Python bindings. When this happened, I (as responsible for quite a lot of the binding work) was tasked with writing a blog post about Python and 3D Components.  The editor of the blog bluntly told me:  "Andres, just write something marketingish about our new release", for example [...]

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Future model sizes in the FEA and CFD community, an update based on interviews with industry insiders

Andres Rodriguez-Villa How many Ferraris did you see this morning on your way to work? Unless you work in the Maranello-based company, zero is the most likely answer. Of course, some days you will stumble upon one - there are car buyers wealthy enough to indulge in indecently horse-powered models…. even if those [...]

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Technology prediction for Big 3D: Typical FEA and CFD model sizes to be used in the CAE community in 2020 and 2025

Andres Rodriguez-Villa According to a French saying, it is wise to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before you speak. The publication of a recent blog post ( suggests I still haven’t learned this wisdom. A colleague argued in that post that the typical size of today’s engineering simulation unstructured mesh [...]

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