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The diffusion of 3D visualization technologies from the field of CAE to the medical field—key technology drivers as seen by a provider of 3D visualization software for CAE

Grim Gjønnes, Head of Sales & Marketing, Ceetron AS. Back when studying engineering at university around 30 years ago, I, like many engineering students, had big dreams about solving key societal problems with [...]

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34th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference: trip report and reflections on the innovation processes of smaller German CAE software companies and on remote visualization

Grim Gjønnes, Head of Sales & Marketing, Ceetron AS. I am just back from CADFEM’s 34th Fachkonferenz zur numerischen Simulation in der Produktentwicklung.  The event took place in Nürnberg during October 5-7, 2016.  [...]

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"Big 3D" in the Cloud

How web-based 3D visualization will enable the cloudification of FEA/CFD software, and how that will transform today's engineering workflows. Why have computationally intensive engineering applications resisted cloudification? The rapid migration of mainstream business functions into [...]